Pine Plant Nursery since 2018

About the nursery

Pine Plant Nursery, established in 2018, is a subsidiary of Pine Landscape Company, which has been providing high-quality landscape services in the Saudi market for over 18 years. Recognizing the demand for quality ornamental plants in the market, Pine Landscape Company established its own plant nursery to cater to the growing demand for ornamental plants and make a significant impact on Green Saudi Initiative and 2030 Vision. The nursery endeavors to produce and cultivate a diverse range of rare and exotic plants in addition to the indigenous species that enjoy widespread usage in landscape projects, thereby demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural habitats.

Located in Jeddah city, Makkah Road, our nursery occupies a space of 85,000 square meters, producing shrubs, ornamental palms and trees. The nursery has a team of 35 gardeners and 3 horticulture engineers.

Our nursery grows and offers a diverse range of over 250 ornamental plant varieties, which encompasses both exotic plants and an extensive selection of native and adaptive species of palms, trees, and shrubs.

Flourishing Plants


To produce high-quality plants, it is necessary to adhere to strict procedures and standards. At our nursery, we prioritize creating optimal conditions that enable plants to flourish and achieve their best form. This involves selecting soil mixes that are tailored to the unique needs of each plant species, implementing customized fertilization plans, and employing targeted pesticide and fungicide programs. Additionally, we utilize appropriately sized pots for our plants and apply advanced staking techniques to encourage straight stem growth. Furthermore, we carefully consider factors such as sun exposure, wind patterns, and humidity levels to ensure that our plants are positioned in the most favorable locations.

Trees, Palms, and Shrubs

Pine Plants Offering

We offer top-notch plants that are ideal for any landscape project, and we have several competitive advantages that set us apart from the rest, including:



We take pride in our trees, which feature straight trunks that are achieved through the use of advanced staking techniques.

We prioritize the health of our plants by utilizing premium quality pouches and sizable pots, which allow for the development of a healthy root structure.

Our selection includes an impressive variety of huge size and specimen trees, providing a range of options to suit any landscaping project.

We deliver our trees above the ground, ensuring that they maintain their beautiful shape, with an expansive leaf spread and canopy that is free from stress and leaf shedding. This makes us the top choice for landscape projects, as our trees arrive in breathtaking condition and are ready to impress.



We grow more than 20 varieties of palms from seeds, ensuring that they are well-suited and adapted to thrive in the Saudi Arabian climate.

For the palms that are sensitive to root disturbance, we take exceptional care by transplanting them into pouches and larger pots that are raised off the ground once they reach the appropriate height.

We train our palms to withstand full sun exposure, which minimizes any potential shock they may experience when planted in landscaping projects.

Our palms are grown in a specially formulated soil mix that promotes optimal growth and health.



At our nursery, we distinguish ourselves from other competitors by offering a wide range of shrub sizes and shapes.

We grow our shrubs to reach premium sizes and shapes that are not commonly found in the market by utilizing sizable pots that meet the high standards required for any landscape project.

Our commercial line of shrubs comes in small pots and is competitively priced to meet the needs of all customers.

Additionally, we cultivate and grow new species of shrubs that are typically hard to come by in the market, expanding the options available to our customers.